Ambitions of Chaos

Adventures of the Ambitions of Chaos

List of Events leading to Their Rise!

The story so far….

On the last Slaaneshi city on the world of Pyurultide, the Space Marine Galba Otho and Psyker Hilaria Coita are approached by Elika, a servent of the Temple of Lies on the nearby world of Kymerus. She says that they must come to the temple, for their futures to be told. They and their mercenary, Orgina Maxima, take the offer and take a shuttle to an awaiting voidship, which launches them into the Warp and towards the world of Kymerus.

Once arrived, they are shuttled down to the only starport there, where they are shown accommodations in a crashed transport that had been converted into a tavern. There they stay for a few hours, before being challenged from outside by a Champion of Khorne. The group easily defeats him and sacrifices a slave in thanks to the Pleasure Prince before resting for the night.

In the morning they are awoken and taken to their land vehicle, where they meet their guide and his Heretek mechanic. The Heretek keeps the landspeeder running while the guide drives. About two-thirds of the way to the Temple of Lies, they are passing through a large furrow in the ground, when over the edges of the furrow, mutated cherubim fly down and swarm the group. They valiantly fight them off, while the driver hides, and once they are driven away Hilaria Coita senses the smell of the Warp on the beings, noting they might have been controlled by someone.

They arrive at the Temple, a crashed Imperial starship, and the Psyker compels the driver to walk back to the starport, leaving his vehicle. They are led into the Temple by guards with faceless helmets who, along the way, use their glaves to shoo away several flying daemons.

The guards let the search the libraries of the Temple, a high honor in and of itself. They find several interesting books, but nothing seems to be about why they are there. Eventually they are led to the top of the Temple, where the Mendacious Oracle, Renkard Copax, awaits.

After a few minutes of him talking to them about their fate, and showing them The Torestus, he cackles “You Fools!” and disappears through sorcerous magicks. Then several of the guards from before fall in through the skylights on the ceiling, and start attacking them while the group can hear nothing but the Screamers overhead. Following them are several psykers.

Defeating them, psykers first, in short order, the Psyker Hilaria Coita goes to retrieve The Torestus only to nearly get stabbed with the Essence Drinker. The group quickly put down the assassin, grabbed the knife and book, and snuck out of the Temple.

As they reached the entrance, they found Renkard Copax and 10 of his guardians conversing with 5 space marines of the Word Bearers Legion. These space marines, upon seeing the group, declare Copax a liar and attack his guards. He turns to fight off the group, only to be roundly defeated and executed.

The group stands face to face with 5 Prophets of the Blighted Path, who were looking for them. They offered safe passage to the next world, in order to allow the group to continue its journey to greatness. They all load into the Prophets’ Rhino APC, and proceed to mow down guards and daemon Screamers as they fight their way out.

They take off in the Prophets’ shuttle towards a slaveship in orbit. This ship jumps them to their next destination, the world of Arbuthnot….


Cthulhuvong Cthulhuvong

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