Tyrant's Cord

Symbol of Leadership


The chain is formed by jagged, misshapen links of different metals, and bears many hooks for fastening to the flesh of the bearer. In order to provide any benefits, it must be visible and fastened directly to the body-meaning it is not effective with sealed power armour. When correctly worn and displayed, the chain confers the following benefits:
+5 Strength, +10 to Command and Psyniscience Skill Tests, Immunity to poison and disease.

Additionally, if the chain is worn around the arm, the bearer can use it as a Best Craftsmanship melee weapon with the following profile (Melee; 1d10+4 R; Pen 0; Crippling (5), Tearing, Unwieldy). The additional damage from the Craftsmanship is included in the profile, although remember the player also gains +10 to hit. It also cannot be destroyed by a power field.


Over the past millennia the Tyrant’s Cord has come to be synonymous with rulership on many worlds in the Vortex. The Heretic to recover it could be known as a great leader. In addition, the Tyrant’s Cord is suffused with warp-spawned energies and proves a great boon to the one who wears it.

It is currently in the hands of Arnorius Embrent.

Tyrant's Cord

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