Ghibelline Primus

Moon Name: Ghibelline Primus
Body: Large
Gravity: Normal
Orbital Features: None
Atmosphere: Heavy/Tainted
Climate: Temperate World
Habitability: Verdant
Landmasses: 1

Territory 1
Name: Moutains of Ruin
Type: Mountains (Unusual)
Resources: Minerals (Ornimental)
Landmarks: Large Mountain, Canyon
Native Species: Alchimera (Apex Preditor, Adapted)
Inhabitants: Humans (Chaos of various alignment, Basic Industry Level)

Territory 2
Name: Ruined Lands of the Park’La
Type: Wastelands (Ruined)
Resources: Local Xenos Ruins
Landmarks: Volcanos and Craters
Native Species: Alchimera (Apex Preditor, Adapted)
Inhaibitants: Park’La (Chaos of various alignment, Pre-Industrial)

Ghibelline Primus is a large world-sized moon that, despite being bombarded by Eldar centuries ago, still holds a temperate atmosphere, and a fairly good water system. What it doesn’t have is much life: outside of the Human settlements in the ruins of Park’La cities, the only other life is survivors and monsters of the wastelands of the world. Most of the surviving Park’La are nomads or raiders, the nomads in caravans or large contraptions which move their whole population while raiders live in smaller caravans that harass the larger caravans. However, the raiders have a symbiotic relationship with the nomads, as they keep off any of the wastelands’ many threats.

And there are threats out there: alchimera (horrible monsters of technology and biology), rogue cherubim and servitors from crashed ships, native beasts of which only the toughest survived, rough and sometimes unstable terrain all over, and even there are tales of hated Imperials who survived crashing on this planet and wish to carry out their False Emperor’s will.

Ghibelline Primus

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