System Name: Pyurultide System
Star Type: Anomolous (Green), Formerly Dull (Red)
System Anomalies: None

Planet Name: Pyurultide
Body: Large
Gravity: Normal
Orbital Features: 2 x Large Asteroid
Atmosphere: Moderate/Tainted
Climate: Hot World
Habitability: Verdant
Landmasses: Several (unknown)

Name: Pyurultide
Type: Swamp (Virulent)
Resources: Minerals (Radioactives), Organics (Toxin and Exotic)
Landmarks: Perpetual Storm
Native Species: varius
Inhabitants: Humans (Nurgle-aligned)

Pyurultide was once a planet of war, where the factions of Nurgle and Slaanesh fought. The Nuglites lived near the putrid seas and swamps of the world, while the Slaaneshi built tall cities into the clouds to escape the reach of the Nurgle followers. Eventually they were infected by the insidious nature of Nurgle, and only one city remained. It was from this city that the starting members of ‘the Doomheralds’ embarked on their way to Kymerus.

Soon after, the last city fell to the Pox Tribes, who now fight each other for control of the planet.


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