Ambitions of Chaos

Tale of xenos, space marines, and a daemon
Geneticist xenos and best laid plans...

We left the Doomheralds cleaning out the remains of a xenos genetics lab after a harrowing battle with another warband. From there they headed back to the Yasha’s Folly to recuperate and set up their lab. Arnorius Embrent decided that to find the source of The Torestus, they must go to see the Shadow Liege in the Weeping Halls. They send a message that they are coming but get no reply.

Arnorius decides to take a large portion of their armsmen down to the town, and the Group sets out. They arrive outside the settlement and notice no guards are around, so they set up control of the entryway. They plan an assault, but first must scout, so Galba Otho and Orgina Maxima search around and find a few scouts, 2 they kill and 3 they capture.

They extract information from these guards, then chain them to 3 ground cars and send them flying towards the enemy positions. The first two explode from incoming fire then crash, the last crashes then explodes from incoming fire. During this distraction, Galba takes out the heavy stubber nest set up nearby in a gruesome fashion with his bolter.

The Doomheralds then started a full assault into the town, taking down many enemy guards. They eventually made it to the fighting arena, where Arnorius Embrent flew above the assembled enemy and intimidated them into taking the Doomheralds to the Shadow Liege. When they arrived, Shadow Liege Vycraft was furious that they were let in, but was swiftly defeated along with his pet Chymeras. He was kept alive so that he could be “turned into a servitor”.

Several of the guards were allowed to join the Doomheralds as armsmen, and they all quickly left for their ship in orbit. Once there, the Shadow Liege was taken to be turned into a servitor that dispensed soft serve yogurt. Meanwhile, his former town was bombarded from orbit.

From there they searched for the xenos settlement, only to find it under several cliffs. The Lord Master decides only he and his personal entourage, the Doomheralds, were to go down. Galba Otho brought a melta bomb he’d found in the ship’s armory with, just in case. They land their shuttle outside the settlement, which turns out to be more of a swap meet, as large vehicles have been turned into shops.

While most of the group searches for trinkets and the xenos geneticists, Orgina Maxima heads off to fight in a tournament for glory to the Chaos gods. He ends up fighting a large Nurglite champion with a tentacle for an arm. Though Orgina does heavy damage to him several times, the champion keeps coming and, though not infecting her, does sever damage to Orgina before she finishes him.

Eventually Orgina runs into the group just as Arnorius and the others find the xenos geneticists and through several negotiations convinces the geneticists to join them in return for their work on expanding their super soldier research. They call down for some heavy lifters to take up the xenos, known as the Park’La, up to their ship along with their equipment, and head back to their shuttle.

As they arrive they find 5 Space Marines of the Thousands Sons legion guarding their shuttle. As they demand Arnorius and the rest join them, he says to open fire. Baconius Ator reacts first, but his plasma gun overheats and he burns himself. Galba Otho realizes he has his melta bomb and throws it into the group of opposing space marines. It kills 3 of them, and the other two, one of which is a sorcerer, attack. This is when things seem to get interesting as, unbeknownst to the rest of the Doomheralds, Hilaria Coita starts combating a daemon for her body and soul, for she reached too far into the Warp, and a Greater Daemon of Nurgle came into her.

The others put down the last two without much trouble, as the Sorcerer was wounded by the bomb, and notice that Hilaria is now floating and glowing green. Galba is the only one to realize whats happening, and opens fire with his heavy bolter. His first few volleys are tossed aside but as the others come to the realization of whats going on, they attack as well. Finally some bolter rounds get through and put Hilaria on the ground again, and the group checks on her.

Miraculously she is alive, but barely, and seems very burned out by the experience. They rush her up to the ship after calling down another shuttle, as it seems theirs got taken down in the melta blast. They spirit her to the healers and then take off for


Tyrant's Cord, Part 2
Conflict Arises!

The Doomheralds finds the 4 who assaulted the Deluge: a Heretek, a Chaos Space Marine Champion, a Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer, and a Psyker. They immediately engage, with Galba Otho bringing down the Heretek right away with a flurry of bolter fire. The armsman sergeant, his armsmen, Pika’Chuu and Hilaria Coita attack the Sorcerer in melee and ranged. Arnorius Embrent gives morale support and orders to the assembled, and Brother Dantius guards him.

The Champion charges Galba Otho and swings at him with his power sword, which Galba is able to block with his Heavy Bolter, though it is cleaved in two. Hilaria stuns the Sorcerer with a psyker scream, then blows his head up with another. But then, the enemy psyker chains everyone but the armsman sergeant in place with psychic chains, and the sergeant charges the Champion, bringing out the flensing blades. The group is able to kill the Champion as the chains release, and they are about to assault the psyker when he fails the dark gods and they bring out a Bloodletter.

This daemon cleaves the Psyker from the top down the middle, then turns on the Group. They unload with a hail of whatever weapons they have (except for Glaba Otho, who’s weapons jam), while Arnorius gathers the armsmen and Brother Dantius for one final fight. The rest of the Group assualted it en mass, Galba with the fallen Champion’s power sword, and brought it down with a hail of strikes, with Pika’Chuu delivering the final blow.

The combat over, the group started to loot the bodies. Arnorius Embrent found the Tyrant’s Cord and put it on over him. The rest looted various items from the fallen enemies. With that they looked up, saw they had a clear sky above them, called in a shuttle and headed back to the Yasha’s Folly

Tyrant's Cord
A Symbol of Leadership

Arriving in Q’Sal on the Yasha’s Folly, the Doomheralds set out to find a shipwright on the nearest shipyard. After a bit of haggling, and despite offering to destroy the competing cities to get everything they wanted, they eventually settled on the torpedo bays and the luxury passenger quarters being fixed first, figuring they wouldn’t need the brig/pitfighting arena, and agreed to give up their 100,000 slaves in payment. Then Hilaria Coita set about finding out about The Torestus and the language it was written in, while Galba Otho looked into finding a way to make his own legion of space marines.

After their first day, the space marine had found out that the neighboring Ghibelline System housed the ruins of a civilization which had tried to create their own superior beings, while Hilaria found nothing. On the second day they were approached by a servant of a merchant who said they “had something they wanted, and something they needed”.

Intrigued, the Doomheralds heads to a local pleasure den, where they meet Palmere Grath, a master of a merchant fleet. He greets them and offers them the location of the Tyrant’s Cord and where to find the aliens who can translate the Torestus, but demands either 100 souls, a favor, or a item of significant power. Hearing this, Arnorius Embrent asks for the Essence Drinker, which he then gives to his servitor Brother Dantius, and then tells it to stab a nearby slave girl, which it does and Grath sees the blade suck up her essence and blood. He says that will do and then tells them that his men crashed on Ghibelline Primus and they should have a transponder to follow. The Doomheralds go back to their ship and waits for repairs.

Hilaria Coita opens the Tesseract Box and binds the Cackling Abomination inside to his service. She has the daemon follow her from here on. After fourteen days the repairs are finished and the ship takes off for a warp jump to the Ghibelline System. They arrive in 5 days with little trouble, and find most of the void traffic is over the moon of the gas giant Ghibelline, so they head there and pick up the Rescue Transponder of the mercenaries. They find that it is nearest to the town of Weeping Halls, and land there, the passengers on their shuttle are:
Arnorius Embrent
Brother Dantius
Galba Otho
Hilaria Coita
Cackling Abomination (Pika’Chuu in another form)
and 14 Armsmen from their ship

5 armsmen are left to defend the shuttle while the other 9 follow them as guards. They pass several groups of guards, who let them pass without a word. As they enter the Weeping Halls, they find themselves bombarded by the sound of people trying to sell them maps and ‘gifts of the gods’. The first gives them his map after being scared by the Doomheralds, the second flees with her ‘gift’, and the third is gunned down as he tries to flee with his map. Several Ogryn approach them and ask them to see [[:Shadow Liege Vycraft | Shadow Liege Vycraft]], they enter his ‘fortress’ which inside seems like luxury accommodations from a voidship.

He is sitting on a throne eating, and waves them to stay where they are. 4 Ogryn take up position off to the sides between the group and the Shadow Liege. He asks why they’re here and when he finds out they are looking out for a recently crashed ship, tries to use his knowledge of it to bargain for them to fix a problem of his. He mentions Scabscale Abomination infestations, but the group only feigns interest and asks for a day to consider it. He agrees, and they leave while he sends some mercenaries, the Levincenders, to follow them.

When the Doomheralds finds these mercenaries following them, they open fire and attack, taking down several of them before the mercs get off several lightning blasts with the coils of wires wrapped around them. While the Doomheralds finish off 6 of them, their armsmen hide in fear. The last two mercs are stunned by psyker screams from Hilaria Coita, and taken captive. Unfortunately, a stray bolter round from Galba Otho sent the Cackling Abomination back to the warp. The Doomheralds return to the shuttle and returns to the Yasha’s Folly.

The leader of the armsmen who were with the Doomheralds are told he is given the title of ‘Master of Ship Integrity’, then shown to an airlock and out of the ship…without a voidsuit. The other seven are given to Hilaria, who uses them in a ritual to recall Pika’Chuu, now in her normal form as a Daemonette. Arnorius Embrent tortures one of the mercs to death, and turns the other into a servitor that serves drinks. The Doomheralds decide to confront Shadow Liege Vycraft, and heads down with new armsman, this time only 12 in number. 5 are left with the ship again, and the other 7 come with them.

They arrive in the Weeping Halls, and find the place deserted. The only people they see are a group of Dark Eldar who cross in front of them, and the Eldar leader sneers at them as they pass. As the Doomheralds approach the fortress, 20 armed men working for the Shadow Liege point weapons at them, but Arnorius calms them down and talks them into taking them to the Shadow Liege, who is furious to see the Doomheralds alive. He agrees to allow the group entry into the catacombs, so long as they leave the Weeping Halls for good. The group agrees, and leaves for the catacombs.

Down there are a winding mass of tunnels, but with the transponder from the Deluge they are able to keep on course. The first eventful thing to happen is them finding a room of decrepit and destroyed weapons, and in the center a Chaos Juggernaut. The sergeant of the armsmen approaches it, and then it awakens, but after a flurry of attacks it is weakened, and the sergeant kills it with a plasma blast to the head. The next event to befall them is finding their way blocked by a sqaud of Dark Eldar. Galba Otho Unleashes a hail of bolter fire on them, and the Doomheralds move in to destroy this Dark Eldar den. They kill every Eldar in sight, and then move to free the prisoners, who seem to be of the crew of the Deluge.

This crew tells them that the Deluge arrived over the planet a few weeks ago, and their captain got a message which told him to wait over the world. Then 4 people appeared: 2 space marines a heretek and a human male. They slaughtered most of the crew and took the Tyrant’s Cord. They are further down the tunnels. The Doomheralds tell them to keep up if they wish to live and moves on. Galba notices an alien rune on a passageway along the tunnels, and they take the fork towards it. It takes them to a room with one stone column in the center, which the Doomheralds notice has arcane runes along it. Hilaria Coita realizes its a ritual, and quickly performs it, and the column opens to reveal an Eldar chalice and two long-bladed flensing blades in a wooden case.

Arnorius Embrent takes the chalice, notices the ashes in it and calls Brother Dantius over. He uses his own knife to cut his brother’s arm, and lets the blood drip into the cup. Once there is enough blood, he swirls it until all the ashes are absorbed, and then drinks it down, relishing in it. The sergeant of the armsmen takes the flensing blades, and when Arnorius asks for one, he says that the blades “want to stay together”. Arnorius understands, and lets him keep it, but in deference to his lords, he offers Galba Otho his plasma gun.

With all that settled, they backtrack to the fork and head in the other direction. They eventually pass into an opening and find themselves in a room large enough for titans! They notice that the whole place is covered in piles of dust at least knee high. They also see that there is a path through the place which many people have traveled multiple times, which leads to a door at the end. Not wanting to be ambushed, they search the room and find only 2 doors in the room.

They go left first, and find a Genetis Lab, where the aliens worked at creating their own superior beings. Arnorius says ’We’ll come back for this when we have time’ and they head to the other door. inside they find a strange repository of items such as bones, hair and tears. When touched by Hilaria Coita, the first item brings her knowledge of administration, and a strange urge to keep it near her. She says its a psyker repository of knowledge, and they leave for the final doorway.

Through it they find the 4 who assaulted the Deluge, and they start attacking the Doomheralds immediately.


Schemes within Schemes
When shall we turn on each other?

On the way to Arbuthnot, the group is introduced to Arnorius Embrent, a former follower of the Administratum who was chased out of Imperial space due to turning too many people into Servitors, including his brother, Brother Dantius. The Prophets of the Blighted Path say that he came to the Screaming Vortex through Arbuthnot, and as such can be a guide to them. He gives them a quick rundown of what is going on at that system.

A world split by 4 clans, 1 per Chaos god. Chaos followers who ask for favors from the Gods and found wanting are teleported here. Overhead is the Ravagers of Hope, a pirate band in command of the system. They are led by The Undoubtable One, who takes slaves and minerals from the world and trades them for goods raided and traded for in other systems. He builds up a lucrative amount while sacrificing to the Gods when necessary.

The Prophets of the Blighted Path send the group and their guide to the Lament of Hope, the Cruiser belonging to the Undoubtable One. As they arrive with several other free people and several hundred slaves, they are accosted by the Master of Arms of the ship, Blarian Mordechai. He says the Undoubtable One wishes to see them. The group follows him through the bowells and to the highest reaches of the ship, until they reach a room with only 2 circles of light on the floor, one for the Undoubtable One, and one for them.

He tells them that he is the undisputed ruler of this system, but those on the planet below wish to change that. The heads of each Chaos clan on the planet Arbuthnot wish to see themselves rulers of the whole system, and he will stop them. He gives them a mission with 4 goals:

  1. Make the ruler of the Slaaneshi clan know fear
  2. Destroy the Nurglite clan’s newest bioweapon, using the antidotes he will give them
  3. Stop the Khornite clan’s attack on the Tzeentchi clan, without having the two fight each other
  4. Stop the Tzeentchi clan’s attack on the Khornite caln, without having the two fight each other

The Undoubtable One gives them a shuttle and tells them the plans are up to them, but if they succeed he will show them favor. The group leaves wondering what they will do. Along the way, they test the daemon blade they picked up. Arnorius Embrent says he can figure out what it does, and when given it, hands it to Brother Dantius and tells him to stab a rating on the ship who is talking to his fellow crewmate. The blade goes through the rating and sucks up his blood on the way out. They return the blade to Hilaria Coita and head to the shuttle.

As they arrive on the shuttle and are discussing things to do, the second of the Ravagers of Hope, Cali Dalno, contacts them to find out what her leader is doing. She tells them that she wants to expand their operations, but the Undoubtable One seems to be complacent. She trades them information on the planet for assurances they will keep her abreast of anything that goes on.

The two things she gives them that they latch onto is the fact that there are 500 Dark Consuls, not the 100 the Undoubtable One thinks there are, and that there may just be a 5th, unaligned force in a small forest in the center of all the warring. The group decides that the first act will be to find this fifth group of chaos, and see if they can aid them in their works.

When they land, the group searches the area and finds several traps. Arnorius sends his brother to set off the traps, which surprisingly don’t have any harmful effects. Suddenly they are surrounded by 5 Chaos Marines whose colors are half black and half white. They take the group into their base, where the group tells their champion that they are here to disrupt the leadership of all the other warbands on the planet, and asks for their help. These Chaos Marines agree, and introduce themselves as the Sons of Malice.

The group then hatches a plan:
Step One: Giving every group but Nurgle’s the plague that the Nurglites were creating, then giving the Tzeentchi clan the cure. All groups will converge on Nurgle’s city to defeat them before they make a more virulent strain. Then Step Two.

Operations for Step One go perfect, and all are sending forces towards the Nurglite city to crush them and their disease. Step Two is to split the forces of the Undoubtable One into 3: Him and His Cruiser, His second and her pirates, and finally the Dark Consuls and their ships. They send a message to Cali Dalno saying that their mission was a success and the Undoubtable One is ready to do some raiding for once, and that she should get her ships ready for that. At this point she takes it to mean that she should move towards the outer system.

The group then contacts the leader of the Dark Consuls and tells him that they need assistance with the Undoubtable One’s scheme, and that the forces on the planet are working together with Cali Dalno to assault his allies. The Dark Consuls move their ships into near orbit to bombard the planet. Their final contact is to the Undoubtable One, whom they fool into believing that his second is about to attack him, by faking a scene where the Dark Consuls attack the group before cutting out the vox.

The group and all the Sons of Malice load into the Sons of Malice’s cargo ship, and launch with it towards the Lament of Hope. As they enter the void, their holo-desk shows them the 3 groups in space have started to fire on each other, while on the ground a massive 4-way battle has erupted. They are able to arrive in the landing bay of the Lament of Hope without trouble, and the first wave of Sons of Malice converge upon the transports along the ship. When they get to the elevator leading to the The Undoubtable One’s throne room, the group, the Sons of Malice champion, and a squad of the Sons head into the elevator and up to the front of the throne room.

They slaughter the first guards they see and then the doors to the throne room burst open and the master at arms of the ship opens fire on them with a heavy stubber. He only hits Galba Otho and doesn’t even pierce his armor before being blown away by Otho. With that they enter the throne room. As soon as they enter, the Sons of Malice champion and Undoubtable One enter combat, the former with a great powersword, the later with lightning claws. The rest of the Sons of Malice and the group open fire as they are fired upon by the Undoubtable One’s guards. Arnorius Embrent inspires the Sons of Malice and the group, and Hilaria Coita does damage with her psyker powers. Meanwhile, Galba Otho shoots several guard marines with his bolter.

It seems the Chaos Gods were watching the battle, and wanted it to be more interesting, as most of the bolters jammed throughout the combat. As soon as the guards were down, everyone who could entered melee combat with the Undoubtable One. As he was getting weaker, Hilaria Coita let loose a Soul-Killer blast, and made the Undoubtable One’s head explode in a shower of gore. The last guard made a run for behind the throne, at which point he was brought down by bolter fire from the Sons of Malice.

With the bridge secured, Arnorius Embrent took up the personal vox of the Undoubtable One, and commanded the fleet and the ship to stand down, and all Masters of the ship to report to the bridge. Ortho and the psyker searched the Librarium for information on the Torestus, and, having found a book with similar writings, they took it and headed to the bridge. Here the group and the Sons of Malice met with the masters of the ship, the Chief Confessor having been dragged into the bridge after trying to procure a melta bomb from the ship’s Munitorium. After a stirring speech, Arnorius shot the confessor in the eye.

He asked what the Sons of Malice wanted done with the ship, to which they replied they would allow the group to keep it, so long as they got one last use out of the Teleportarium. With agreements from the group, they left the ship in the group’s hands and left through the Teleportarium. Arnorius then asked what kind of title a leader of the ship would have to the assembled Ship Masters. They threw out ‘commander’ and ‘commodore’, but he said ‘No’ to both. Then the Chief Chiurgeon, Nadeyse Sola, said ‘Lord’ to which he said ‘Yes’, and she stuttered ‘Lord Master?’ at which point he smiled and said ‘Yes, I am now Lord Master of this ship. What is its name?’ They replied with the Lament of Hope, to which he asked, ‘What was the Confessor’s name?‘. They told him it was Zeil Yasha, to which he replied ’This will now be known as "Yasha’s Folly": .

With that they sent the Ship Masters to their stations, and commanded them to take position over the planet. They checked local void space to find 4 pirate ships and 3 ships of the Dark Consuls fleeing the area in opposite directions. ‘Lord Master’ Arnorius Embrent contacted the Slaaneshi Chaos Lord ‘Terror Drinker’ and offered him safety from the disease of Nurgle and aid in combat over the others in exchange for fealty to the group. ‘Terror Drinker’ agreed and pulled back his troops. At this point the ship fired its macrocannons down at the Nurglite city, destroying it, the land around it, and the Tzeentchi and Khornite forces assaulting it. The Khorne Daemon Prince Excrtiatus died in the attack, and the entire Nurglite forces were destroyed.

With that the group gained their first planet, and set off to the nearest shipyard, the ones over Q’Sal, for repairs….

Adventures of the Ambitions of Chaos
List of Events leading to Their Rise!

The story so far….

On the last Slaaneshi city on the world of Pyurultide, the Space Marine Galba Otho and Psyker Hilaria Coita are approached by Elika, a servent of the Temple of Lies on the nearby world of Kymerus. She says that they must come to the temple, for their futures to be told. They and their mercenary, Orgina Maxima, take the offer and take a shuttle to an awaiting voidship, which launches them into the Warp and towards the world of Kymerus.

Once arrived, they are shuttled down to the only starport there, where they are shown accommodations in a crashed transport that had been converted into a tavern. There they stay for a few hours, before being challenged from outside by a Champion of Khorne. The group easily defeats him and sacrifices a slave in thanks to the Pleasure Prince before resting for the night.

In the morning they are awoken and taken to their land vehicle, where they meet their guide and his Heretek mechanic. The Heretek keeps the landspeeder running while the guide drives. About two-thirds of the way to the Temple of Lies, they are passing through a large furrow in the ground, when over the edges of the furrow, mutated cherubim fly down and swarm the group. They valiantly fight them off, while the driver hides, and once they are driven away Hilaria Coita senses the smell of the Warp on the beings, noting they might have been controlled by someone.

They arrive at the Temple, a crashed Imperial starship, and the Psyker compels the driver to walk back to the starport, leaving his vehicle. They are led into the Temple by guards with faceless helmets who, along the way, use their glaves to shoo away several flying daemons.

The guards let the search the libraries of the Temple, a high honor in and of itself. They find several interesting books, but nothing seems to be about why they are there. Eventually they are led to the top of the Temple, where the Mendacious Oracle, Renkard Copax, awaits.

After a few minutes of him talking to them about their fate, and showing them The Torestus, he cackles “You Fools!” and disappears through sorcerous magicks. Then several of the guards from before fall in through the skylights on the ceiling, and start attacking them while the group can hear nothing but the Screamers overhead. Following them are several psykers.

Defeating them, psykers first, in short order, the Psyker Hilaria Coita goes to retrieve The Torestus only to nearly get stabbed with the Essence Drinker. The group quickly put down the assassin, grabbed the knife and book, and snuck out of the Temple.

As they reached the entrance, they found Renkard Copax and 10 of his guardians conversing with 5 space marines of the Word Bearers Legion. These space marines, upon seeing the group, declare Copax a liar and attack his guards. He turns to fight off the group, only to be roundly defeated and executed.

The group stands face to face with 5 Prophets of the Blighted Path, who were looking for them. They offered safe passage to the next world, in order to allow the group to continue its journey to greatness. They all load into the Prophets’ Rhino APC, and proceed to mow down guards and daemon Screamers as they fight their way out.

They take off in the Prophets’ shuttle towards a slaveship in orbit. This ship jumps them to their next destination, the world of Arbuthnot….


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