Ambitions of Chaos

Tyrant's Cord, Part 2

Conflict Arises!

The Doomheralds finds the 4 who assaulted the Deluge: a Heretek, a Chaos Space Marine Champion, a Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer, and a Psyker. They immediately engage, with Galba Otho bringing down the Heretek right away with a flurry of bolter fire. The armsman sergeant, his armsmen, Pika’Chuu and Hilaria Coita attack the Sorcerer in melee and ranged. Arnorius Embrent gives morale support and orders to the assembled, and Brother Dantius guards him.

The Champion charges Galba Otho and swings at him with his power sword, which Galba is able to block with his Heavy Bolter, though it is cleaved in two. Hilaria stuns the Sorcerer with a psyker scream, then blows his head up with another. But then, the enemy psyker chains everyone but the armsman sergeant in place with psychic chains, and the sergeant charges the Champion, bringing out the flensing blades. The group is able to kill the Champion as the chains release, and they are about to assault the psyker when he fails the dark gods and they bring out a Bloodletter.

This daemon cleaves the Psyker from the top down the middle, then turns on the Group. They unload with a hail of whatever weapons they have (except for Glaba Otho, who’s weapons jam), while Arnorius gathers the armsmen and Brother Dantius for one final fight. The rest of the Group assualted it en mass, Galba with the fallen Champion’s power sword, and brought it down with a hail of strikes, with Pika’Chuu delivering the final blow.

The combat over, the group started to loot the bodies. Arnorius Embrent found the Tyrant’s Cord and put it on over him. The rest looted various items from the fallen enemies. With that they looked up, saw they had a clear sky above them, called in a shuttle and headed back to the Yasha’s Folly


Cthulhuvong Cthulhuvong

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