The Torestus

Tale of Tor, the Half-God Hero


A pantheon of daemons plot and plan to create Tor out of materials made to protect Tor and defile his enemies. The city of Daris, which is protected by this pantheon, is surrounded by city states following false gods, who are afraid of the pantheon and its city.

Tor stumbles upon mythological beings, sails hostile seas beset by storms, conceives plots and conquests in arenas of politics and desire in many cities.

Tor eventually extends dominion over all his enemies. However, he was forged with the seed of desire over men, thus while he could rival his creators, he would forever be their puppet until his fate is reveled.

The last pages are missing, and his fate is unsure.


Written in an alien language and dedicated to the Dark Gods, this leather-bound book with vellum pages has very artistic writing that has been painstakingly recopied in order to preserve the text.

The introduction is in Low Gothic, while the bulk of the material is written in the language of the Park La.

Currently in the hands of Hilaria Coita.

The Torestus

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