Yasha's Folly

Ambition-class Cruiser


4.9 km long, 2 km abeam at fins
Mass of 25 megatonnes
Crew of Approximately 89,000
3 gravities max accel.

Contains Following Parts:
Modified Jovian class 4 Drive
Miroslav H-616.b Warp Engines
Gellar Field
Multiple Shield Array
M-1.r Life Sustainer
Clan-kin Quarters
Mark 100 Auger Array
Fortis Prow Torpedo Launchers (42 Boarding Torpedoes left)
2 Port Thuderstrike Macrocannons
2 Starboard Thuderstrike Macrocannons
Compartmentalized Cargo Holds
Luxury Passenger Quarters
Extended Supply Vaults
Brig/Pit Fighting Arena – DAMAGED
Jovian-class Landing Bay
Temple to the Dark Gods


Formerly the “Lament of Hope”, this cruiser is of the Ambition-class, made for Rogue Traders by the Kormisoshi Dockyards. This particular ship was lost in the Kronos Expanse and crashed upon a world controlled by Chaos worshipers. They rebuilt it and launched themselves off the world and formed up a raider fleet. Eventually commanded by the Undoubtable One, who settled it and its fleet over Arbuthnot.

This fleet was defeated by the machinations of the current warband controlling it, and was renamed “Yasha’s Folly” after the Confessor who would not join them and was executed for his failure of faith.

Currently gathering forces from Arbuthnot and Pyurultide.

Commander: “Lord Master” Arnorius Embrent
Chief Psyker: Hilaria Coita
Master of Arms: Orgina Maxima
Warp Guide: Katyaina
Master Gunner: Roland Veche Matticus Rogerin
Master of Ordinance: Sarvus Orthesian
Chief Chiurgeon: Nadesyse Sola
Heretek Majoris: Valer Jarrion
Ship’s Confessor: Revinald Santander

Yasha's Folly

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