Ambitions of Chaos

Tale of xenos, space marines, and a daemon

Geneticist xenos and best laid plans...

We left the Doomheralds cleaning out the remains of a xenos genetics lab after a harrowing battle with another warband. From there they headed back to the Yasha’s Folly to recuperate and set up their lab. Arnorius Embrent decided that to find the source of The Torestus, they must go to see the Shadow Liege in the Weeping Halls. They send a message that they are coming but get no reply.

Arnorius decides to take a large portion of their armsmen down to the town, and the Group sets out. They arrive outside the settlement and notice no guards are around, so they set up control of the entryway. They plan an assault, but first must scout, so Galba Otho and Orgina Maxima search around and find a few scouts, 2 they kill and 3 they capture.

They extract information from these guards, then chain them to 3 ground cars and send them flying towards the enemy positions. The first two explode from incoming fire then crash, the last crashes then explodes from incoming fire. During this distraction, Galba takes out the heavy stubber nest set up nearby in a gruesome fashion with his bolter.

The Doomheralds then started a full assault into the town, taking down many enemy guards. They eventually made it to the fighting arena, where Arnorius Embrent flew above the assembled enemy and intimidated them into taking the Doomheralds to the Shadow Liege. When they arrived, Shadow Liege Vycraft was furious that they were let in, but was swiftly defeated along with his pet Chymeras. He was kept alive so that he could be “turned into a servitor”.

Several of the guards were allowed to join the Doomheralds as armsmen, and they all quickly left for their ship in orbit. Once there, the Shadow Liege was taken to be turned into a servitor that dispensed soft serve yogurt. Meanwhile, his former town was bombarded from orbit.

From there they searched for the xenos settlement, only to find it under several cliffs. The Lord Master decides only he and his personal entourage, the Doomheralds, were to go down. Galba Otho brought a melta bomb he’d found in the ship’s armory with, just in case. They land their shuttle outside the settlement, which turns out to be more of a swap meet, as large vehicles have been turned into shops.

While most of the group searches for trinkets and the xenos geneticists, Orgina Maxima heads off to fight in a tournament for glory to the Chaos gods. He ends up fighting a large Nurglite champion with a tentacle for an arm. Though Orgina does heavy damage to him several times, the champion keeps coming and, though not infecting her, does sever damage to Orgina before she finishes him.

Eventually Orgina runs into the group just as Arnorius and the others find the xenos geneticists and through several negotiations convinces the geneticists to join them in return for their work on expanding their super soldier research. They call down for some heavy lifters to take up the xenos, known as the Park’La, up to their ship along with their equipment, and head back to their shuttle.

As they arrive they find 5 Space Marines of the Thousands Sons legion guarding their shuttle. As they demand Arnorius and the rest join them, he says to open fire. Baconius Ator reacts first, but his plasma gun overheats and he burns himself. Galba Otho realizes he has his melta bomb and throws it into the group of opposing space marines. It kills 3 of them, and the other two, one of which is a sorcerer, attack. This is when things seem to get interesting as, unbeknownst to the rest of the Doomheralds, Hilaria Coita starts combating a daemon for her body and soul, for she reached too far into the Warp, and a Greater Daemon of Nurgle came into her.

The others put down the last two without much trouble, as the Sorcerer was wounded by the bomb, and notice that Hilaria is now floating and glowing green. Galba is the only one to realize whats happening, and opens fire with his heavy bolter. His first few volleys are tossed aside but as the others come to the realization of whats going on, they attack as well. Finally some bolter rounds get through and put Hilaria on the ground again, and the group checks on her.

Miraculously she is alive, but barely, and seems very burned out by the experience. They rush her up to the ship after calling down another shuttle, as it seems theirs got taken down in the melta blast. They spirit her to the healers and then take off for



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