System Name: Arbuthnot System
Star Type: Luminous (Yellow-Orange)
System Anomalies: None

Planet Name: Arbuthnot
Body: Large
Gravity: Normal
Orbital Features: None (Former), Starship Graveyard (Current)
Atmosphere: Moderate/Tainted (Warp Taint)
Climate: Temperate
Habitability: Limited Ecosystem
Landmasses: 1

Territory 1
Name: Plains of Battle
Type: Plains (Expansive)
Resources: Minerals (Industrial)
Landmarks: None
Native Species: Buth-Gorer (Behemoth classification, Extinct)
Inhabitants: Humans (Chaos of mostly Slaaneshi alignment, Basic Industry Level)

Territory 2
Name: Forest of Malice
Type: Forest
Resources: None
Landmarks: None
Native Species: Pter-Bug (Venomous Terror classification, Extinct)
Inhabitants: Space Marines (Chaos-aligned, Advanced Industry Level, possibly gone)

First Prize of ‘the Doomheralds

Before ‘the Doomheralds’ arrived, this was a world of war. 4 factions, one per Chaos God, fought over the territory and slaves of this world. They traded slaves, and some minerals, to the Ravagers of Hope, a pirate band led by the Undoubtable One, a Chaos Lord. They were allied with the Dark Consuls, a Space Marine force with its own fleet. The Undoubtable One, kept those on the planet from gaining advantage over each other, while hoarding the riches made in this deal for himself. His greed was his undoing.

Wanting to grow his wealth through cowing the leadership of the tribes below, ‘the Doomheralds’ was tasked with keeping them in line, and turned that into a quick burst of warfare that put down the Undoubtable One and put the Slaanesh tribe in an overwhelmingly dominant position, while the Nurgle and Khorne tribes were virtually wiped out.


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