System Name: Kymerus System
Star Type: Mighty (Blue)
System Anomalies: None

Planet Name: Kymerus
Body: Small
Gravity: Normal
Orbital Features: Lesser Moon, Large Asteroid
Atmosphere: Moderate/Pure
Climate: Hot World
Habitability: Trapped Water
Landmasses: 1

Territory 1
Name: Kymerus
Type: Wasteland (Desolate)
Resources: Minerals (Radioactives)
Landmarks: Crater
Native Species: Mutated Cherubim
Inhabitants: Humans (Chaos aligned, ~200)

Home to the Temple of Lies, this was the site of ‘the Doomheralds’ first gaining knowledge of their destiny. Called here by Mendacious Oracle Renkard Copax, they stopped his plans to kill them and with the help of the Prophets of the Blighted Path wrought ruin upon the guardians and daemons around the place as they escaped.

Currently led by Mendacious Oracle Elika.


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